Gabriel & Co

Mucklows Fine Jewelry - 1103 Crosstown Court, Peachtree City GA  30269The story of Gabriel & Co. is a story of passion, family, service and love.

The story is of two brothers, Jack and Dominick, who understood the importance of unique jewelry.

As young apprentices to their father, master jeweler Elias Gabriel, they learned the exacting art and science of combining precious metals and stones to make a creation greater than either element alone.

Committed to making their vision come true, the Gabriel brothers followed in their father’s footsteps and formed Gabriel & Co. in 1989.

Gabriel & Co knows that underlying every piece of significant jewelry is emotion.  A necklace, a bracelet, a ring – these are not things.  They are symbols of value, of relationships, of unforgettable moments, of love.

They are the emblems of the women who wear them.  The Gabriel philosophy brings beauty, style, and elegance to each signature piece by pairing spirited designs with exquisite craftsmanship.

Gabriel & Co knows that jewelry is not about the jewelry, but about the women they adorn.  They are the crafted expressions of each woman’s personal style.  Whether purchased for herself, or bestowed from a loved one, Gabriel jewelry enhances the beauty of every woman.

Mucklows Fine Jewelry - 1103 Crosstown Court, Peachtree City, GA 30269The Gabriel & Co collection of jewelry is handcrafted with care, delicate detail, and unique design.

The collection has incredible depth and breath as it celebrates a woman’s life relationships.

The collection runs the gamete of a woman’s jewelry life from her first promise ring, to wedding jewelry, everyday fun fashion, anniversaries, to significant milestone celebrating designs.

Each piece is an expression of her style and independence.

The Gabriel and Co collection embodies distinctive, colorful styles that are elegant, timeless, vibrant, as well as, classic in design.

Mucklow’s Fine Jewelry understands the passion the Gabriel & Co has for combining breath taking jewels with precious metals to create works of art.

We are passionate about creating jewelry that celebrates every stage of life and the significant moments they represent.  We know that jewelry embodies the many dimensions of a woman.

Whether it is her first gift of jewelry, her wedding set, or anniversary ring, each piece celebrates the beauty of a woman at a milestone in her life.  Mucklow’s Fine Jewelry is excited to bring this collection to the Peachtree City, Newnan, and Fayetteville Georgia area.

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