Gregg Ruth

Mucklows Fine Jewelry - 1103 Crosstown Court, Peachtree City GA  30269For well over a decade, Gregg Ruth’s high-profile jewelry designs have been sought after by admirers from around the world.

But Ruth’s own passion for beautiful jewelry design began in his parent’s  jewelry store in Pennsylvania.

“My father was a retail jeweler, so I grew up in the business. He and I bought a store, and I ran that in the 70’s, but I felt a retail store was kind of stifling, so I decided to try my hand at wholesale and began importing gold jewelry from Italy.

We started the line with nine pairs of earrings, six rings, two rings and an Armani suite – and an Audi that I drove past the speedometer breaking.”

In 1995, Gregg turned his attention to diamond intensive jewelry and began to focus his design aesthetic around the use of Fancy Color Diamonds and Important Colored Stones.

The company quickly became known as an industry leader in Yellow and Pink Diamond center stone pieces and helped to popularize these rarest of Diamonds. These classic yet innovative styles—featuring important yellow and pink diamonds from 1.00 to 10.00 carats–benefitted from a patented micropave setting technique that Gregg developed to accentuate and compliment the natural hues of his meticulously sourced center stones.

Far from one-dimensional, the Gregg Ruth brand has developed many signature fashion-forward collections over the years. Cascata, an elegant series of baguette pieces, and Heartbeat—a heart-shaped collection featuring custom-cut tapered baguettes—were introduced in the early 2000’s and brought the Gregg Ruth look to a wider, international demographic.

Mucklows Fine Jewelry - 1103 Crosstown Court, Peachtree City GA  30269The company has long been known for its consistent use of very fine colored Emeralds, Rubies and Sapphires in styles that are classic yet contemporary and which accommodate a wide range of price points.

More recently, Gregg has turned his attention to more exotic gemstones: Rubellite and  Paraiaba Tourmalines. Focused on larger, high quality center stones from 7.00 carats to 20.00 carats in vivid tints of red and electric blue, the new Exotic Color Collection launched in March of 2011.

And, with the new Karina Collection, which features a patented “layered” setting technique and extremely well cut white diamonds, the company unites technical innovation with sophisticated, classic styling.

A constant innovator and industry leading visionary, Gregg Ruth is dedicated to the creation of jewelry which is fashion-forward yet timeless and which can be worn and treasured for decades.

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