Nina Nguyen

Nina Nguyen JewelryNina Nguyen Designs jewelry helps a woman define her own style with intricate, colorful, and artistic creations.

Each piece is carefully designed by Nina in her Florida studio and expertly handcrafted by skilled artisans in Nina Nguyen Designs’ very own Women’s Co-Operative, Nina Nguyen Studio in Vietnam.

Nina’s world travels have influenced her creativity and her Asian background provides her many inspirations.  As a young girl growing up in war-torn Vietnam, Nina loved to help her uncle, a goldsmith, in his jewelry casting foundry.

Since that early age she has been designing jewelry.  After relocating to the United States, she kept designing as a hobby.

In 2004 Nina took a life changing journey to India.  It was after that trip, when she undertook the ambitious venture of changing career paths from the financial industry to starting her own jewelry design firm,  Nina Nguyen Designs.

Nina’s multicultural experiences, and her artistic flair for fashion, have helped her gain tremendous success.  Within the past three years her line has appeared in many prestigious boutiques and jewelry showrooms as well as in the press around the globe.

Nina Nguyen’s designs range from casual to elegant, so there’s something for everyone.  She is inspired by organic stones that form through the natural processes of our earth.  Stones such as druzy, stalactite, ammonite, and geode give the Nina Nguyen Signature collection a new spin on the classic jewelry lines.  Nina Nguyen also uses gemstones and cubic zirconia in their natural state for a more unusual style.

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