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Gifts / Giftware

Mikutowski Woodworking

Hand crafted wooden works of art created in Michigan since 1986.   Materials for Mikutowski pieces are selected with an eye not only towards beauty and function, but also towards environmental responsibility. Since the Mikutowski line includes very small items such as clocks and desk … [Read More...]

Ed Branson Glass Design

Ed Branson is a truly gifted american artist in the glass medium   In 1992 his work was one of 100 selected from thousands of international entries for inclusion in the prestigious New Glass Review XIII, published by the Corning Museum of Glass. His work is included in numerous … [Read More...]

Bridal Collection

  • J.B. Star Collection

    J.B. Star Collection

    Attention to detail has made JB Star one of the premier and respected leaders of jewelry craftsmanship.   These are the words of Rafael, the founder, artistic designer and visionary leader of JB Star, “My Goal is to make jewelry …Read More »
  • Memoire Designs

    Memoire Designs

    Memoire offers the finest in engagement, wedding and anniversary bands.   They specializes in the use of 18K gold and platinum, creating the highest quality bands available on the market today. Classic, timeless, and elegant,   View the Memoire Collection …Read More »
  • Henri Daussi

    Henri Daussi

    Henri Daussi, European quality and tradition.   From rough diamonds to exceptional jewelry, Henri Daussi is proud to be known as one of Europe’s premier jewelers and diamond manufacturers. The Signature Daussi Cushion™ is a trademarked cut set apart from …Read More »
  • Gottlieb & Sons

    Gottlieb & Sons

    The Gottlieb & Sons’ designs of unequaled quality.   This design house is known for their quality of materials and workmanship. They use only the highest grade diamonds and gem stones along with 14kt gold, 18kt gold and platinum.   …Read More »